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All Ted Greenberg Wants for Christmas

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Posted: December 19, 2011

On Saturday, December 24th, children around the world will keep their eyes peeled for Santa Claus — aka Pere Noel, Pai Natal, Father Christmas, Kanakaloka or Papå Noel —  and his nine reindeers.
And, I will too. I’ve made my list and checked it twice. I’m not sure if I’ve been naughty or nice, but I still visited the big guy to let him know what I hope to find on Christmas morning.


Ted Greenberg’s Christmas List:

(1) Alter-G G-Trainer Anti-Gravity Treadmill — Using NASA technology, the Alter-G is the rocket scientist of training machines. Running on it makes you feel like Superman — lighter than air, actually — since it allows you to adjust your weight.  I hear that the Rudolph, Donner, Comet and the other reindeers train all year on Alter-Gs in the North Pole; it’s the only way they can be in shape to make all the deliveries on Christmas night.

(2) Taxi Cab Ornament — This adorable New York taxi ornament would look perfect hung around the rearview mirror of the cab I drive every Saturday night after I perform my Off-Broadway comedy show, The Complete Performer. It’s retro and glittery.
New York Taxi Ornament
(3) Knicks Basketball Tickets — I’ve sorely missed professional basketball since the strike began, but I’m thrilled that my favorite team is back in action just in time for Christmas. Now, if I could just get my hands on some courtside tickets to cheer for Carmelo Anthony.
New York Knicks logo
(4) Trident Layers Gum — I completely understand why people want to be paid in Trident Layers Gum. It is delicious, complex and perfect for those who cannot decide whether they prefer CoolMint or MelonFresco. Instead, you can enjoy them together.

(5) Sold Out Show — I’d love to see have a full house for my Christmas Eve show at 10pm at SoHo Playhouse. Let’s be on the lookout for Santa together. Buy tickets here.
Santa and Ted Greenberg
Let me know what you’ve asked for Christmas. I love to hear what other people want!

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