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Why TJ & Dave Are a Smart Bet | See them in NYC

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Posted: May 31, 2012

I’ve written about bromances on this blog. Now, it’s time to recognize not only another great bromance. I’m giving a big shout out to GENIUS — the ability to be at the top of your game. Some people are household names. Martha Stewart. Oprah. Roger Federer. Simon Cowell. Four extraordinary human beings who transcend their fields — tennis, home economics, talk shows,and whatever that black t-shirt wearing judge does,respectively
In long form improv, there is one group — a duo actually — that is at the zenith of the discipline. I’m talking about none other than TJ & Dave. Time Out New York encourages us to “drink their Kool-Aid.” And, I have. By the pitcher.
TJ & Dave
Based in Chicago, TJ & Dave regularly play New York. And, New Yorkers, we’re in luck because the duo is taking over the Barrow Street Theatre in downtown Manhattan June 1st through 4th. Now, I recommend seeing them June 1st, 3rd or 4th (and catching my late night comedy show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer on June 2nd.). Seriously, these guys are not to be missed.
For an hour, they create an original play — a spellbinding and hilarious feat — on the spot. Dear friends and frequent collaborators, their chemistry is palpable, electrifying audiences each night. And, I’ve seen them perform multiple times — in fact, I try not to miss them when they’re in town. I can vouch that they are well worth the $20 admission.
T.J. Jagodowski and David Pasquesi won the Chicago Improv Festival – Improviser of the Year in 2008 as well as back to back Del Close Awards in 2003 and 2004 for Best Improvised Show. The New York Times has dubbed them “Second City-seasoned masters of long form improv.” If that isn’t enough for you to put down your Benjamin to see them, watch this short trailer about their work.

Hope to see you at their show this weekend.