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Comedian on Comedian: Jessica Kirson Interview

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Posted: June 14, 2012

Jessica Kirson
A couple months ago I sang Jessica Kirson’s praises, ranking her as one of my favorite Jewish comics. She’s brash, bold and at the top of the game with her flat out hilarious characters. Now, she’s returning for a couple night headlining gig at Gotham Comedy Club. Book your tickets now for June 22nd and 23rd at 8:00 pm and prepare to laugh the night away.
Jessica Kirson agreed to be my second interview on the blog. Find out which Lady GaGa song she loves, what her parents love about her act and how the West Coast is better for her hair.
Ted Greenberg: What’s your favorite Lady GaGa song?
Jessica Kirson: Favorite Lady Gaga song is “Born This Way.”
Ted Greenberg: Does your daughter ever talk about being brought up on stage?
Jessica Kirson: My daughter tells everyone she is a comedian too. She tells them I am popular, and I will give them free tickets to a show.
Ted Greenberg: Of your stand-up material what’s your parents’favorite?
Jessica Kirson:
My parents’ favorite is Jewish material.
Ted Greenberg: What kind of audience reacts strongest to your UFO siting bit?
Jessica Kirson: Most audience members love the UFO bit. Black people like it the best.
Here’s the UFO clip — definitely NSFW.


Ted Greenberg:
Is the West Coast or East Coast easier on your hair?
Jessica Kirson: West coast is easier on my hair.

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  • i like her tv show
    its a good thing to be relaxed after watching her comedy shows






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