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Posted: July 16, 2012

I am proud to perform at the SoHo Playhouse, the historical downtown theater that was once home to the New York political machine and Film Forum, though not at the same time. Located near fun spots — music venue City Winery, dance club SOBS and ping pong maven King Pong — as well as terrific restaurants — Blue Ribbon, Hundred Acres, Mekong Restaurant and David Burke Kitchen — SoHo Playhouse is a charming venue with a full bar – with no drink minimum — located inside the Huron Club where I perform.
My show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer takes the stage every Saturday night at 10:00 pm. And, there are four other terrific shows that delight audiences every week at the SoHo Playhouse.
While I’ve enjoyed a four-year (thus far!) run at the SoHo Playhouse, Simon Lovell’s Strange and Unusual Hobbies has rocked the stage for five years. His show, like mine, is difficult to describe without giving away the spoilers. Let’s just say it’s fun, entertaining and different than anything you will see on a New York stage. The Wall Street Journal calls it a “Dazzling 70 Minute Show!” Simon is known for his sleight-of-hand and for being a consultant about con men for the popular TV show “White Collar.” Simon’s show is live at 6:00 pm on Saturday nights, and it’s not for the kids. Strictly 18+ simply because of the graphic language. Many people have made it a SoHo Playhouse Saturday night — seeing Simon’s show, grabbing dinner nearby and then coming to mine at 10:00 pm.
Simon Lovell
On Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 pm, Telly Savalas returns from the grave in the retro lounge act/comedy Who Loves Ya, Baby? Tom DiMenna stars as the late loveable hunk who returns to earth to teach the youth of today how to be a man and how to treat the ladies. It’s an outrageous and funny show for those who remember Telly in all his glory and those who have never heard of the actor.
Tom DiMenna as Telly Savalas
Upstairs, Triassic Parq, the new musical about dinosaurs told from their viewpoints, has been thrilling audiences and critics alike. David Cote of Time Out New York raved, “A very talented and hardworking cast puts across the goofball material with exemplary zeal and precision.” The show is currently scheduled through August 5th. If you’re in the mood for a musical and a comedy, then the one-two punch of Triassic Parq and Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer make great Saturday night partners.
The newest show to grace the stages at the SoHo Playhouse is The Improvised Play. It runs concurrently with my show on Saturday nights at 10:00 pm. Each week a talented group of improv artists take the audience’s suggestions and put on a play in the vein of Tennessee Williams or a Greek tragedy. See my show one week and this one the next!
Don’t forget that Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer is the only comedy in town where a group of lucky audience members win a free cab ride home with the performer — me — at the wheel.
Ted Greenberg at cab

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