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The Funny Faces of the Olympics

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Posted: August 2, 2012

The Olympics have the world’s attention. All eyes have been on London since the Opening Ceremony last Friday. While the athletes, TV commentators and coaches have their hopes set on the medals — gold, silver and bronze — I could care less about that. My attention is on the funny faces the athletes make while competing. That’s right. These athletes train for four years, perfecting their bodies and techniques, and still I — and some other blog sites — focus on the minutiae of how they look while performing.
Google “Olympics Funny Faces” and you will see dozens of entries. Divers are particularly susceptible to making funny faces. Not only do they deal with perfecting their form — contorting their bodies like a pretzel — but they confront gravity as well. It’s a force that renders even the most reasonable form funny. In its ‘hands’, divers’ faces are as pliable as a piece of silly putty. Check out Germany’s Patrick Hausding (below) or any of the other divers in this gallery by CBS news to see what I mean.

Divers aren’t the only ones whose funny faces have made headlines. Swimmers too are at the forefront of this — whether on the starting blocks or in the water. Their level of concentration often twists their faces into pouty, contorted puffballs. But, no one takes the cake like gold medalist Ryan Lochte, who wears grillz (blinged out bridge) over his teeth on the medal stand. Even Ryan Seacrest posted about it on his website. You can see the picture below.
Ryan Lochte
My favorite funny face of the Olympics is nowhere near the water. Jake Kaminski, part of the silver medal-winning United States men’s archery team, takes that prize. Partly because I was so impressed by the archery teams success, beating formidable South Korea and losing to Italy by only one point. Also, it’s hard to believe the amount of concentration required for the sport, particularly when you are holding a 50-pound bow. Jake, though, has a very distinctive style. As he prepares to shoot, he holds the bow in such a way that he splits his lip in two. See the photo. Most archers have this same technique, but there’s something about the way it looks on Jake. It creates a sort of Mona Lisa affect — something between a smile and a frown. Absolutely compelling and clearly successful in helping him compete well.

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics and let me know who you’re favorite funny faces are.

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