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4th Anniversary Celebration This Weekend!

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Posted: October 1, 2012

Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer, my mostly one-man comedy show, began over four years ago at the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival, moved to the Fringe Encores, and has had a home at SoHo Playhouse’s Huron Club Saturday nights at 10:00 pm ever since. It’s a thrill to perform week in and week out in New York. And, big, Andy Kaufman-sized thank you to everyone who has seen my show over the part four years.
This Saturday night, I am celebrating the fourth anniversary with a little help from our favorite West Village bakery Milk and Cookies (a treat for everyone who attends!) and testimonials from some of my dear friends, my dad and people who work behind the scenes on the show. You don’t want to miss this particular performance!
Now according to Miss Manners types, a perfect fourth anniversary gift is either linen or silk or flowers. Now, if I have to rank them in order of preference, I would put flowers at the top of the list. Roses are grand and the New York state flower. Plus you can get two dozen for $10 on the corner of Houston and Sixth Avenue. I always love a bargain. And, I’d chose silk over linen any day. Linen, though breathable, wrinkles too easily, and since it’s past Labor Day, silk feels more in order. Now, you’re not required to get me a present for the big fourth anniversary, but I won’t turn them down. Particularly because I’m proud of this anniversary.
Why am I so proud? Over 200 shows in four years is a great feat, especially when you consider Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer has outlasted many celebrity marriages. Now I’m not just talking about a certain New York Net and reality star. Did you know that the following couples were married in 2008, and are no longer betrothed?
1) Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson
— In fact Ryan has moved on and re-married another mid-20s blonde, Blake Lively, in the last 48 months. Of course, the New York state-based couple is invited to my show any time.
Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds
2) Chris Evert & Greg Norman — The sports legends were much more successful in their respective fields, tennis and golf, than in love.
Greg Norman and Chris Evert
3) Chris Kattan & Sunshine Tutt — Marrying a model does not guarantee a lasting union as comedian Kattan found out. The couple separated less than a year after walking down the aisle.
Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt
4) Emmy Rossum & Justin Siegel — The truth is no one knew they were married until their divorce was announced.
Emmy Rossum & Justin Siegel
5) Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter — This duo play brother and sister on Dexter, but their marriage lasted less than three years.
Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter
6) Charlie Sheen & Brooke Allen — Enough said.
Charlie Sheen & Brooke Allen
Hope to see you at my fourth anniversary show on Saturday night. Get tickets now.