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Donald Trump and the College Conspiracy

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Posted: October 25, 2012

Donald Trump
Donald Trump was a day too early in his challenge to President Barack Obama. Today is Sourest Day, as I reported earlier in the week. The day to celebrate curmudgeons and those who are dissatisfied with life or the leader of the free world. And, clearly, Mr. Trump still has a huge bone to pick with the president. So big he’s put 5 million smackeroos on the line. That’s right, The Donald has asked for POTUS to release his college records and passport records, and if the Commander-in-Chief does that, Trump will donate $5 million dollars to the president’s charity of choice.
Clearly there is an ulterior motive here. Politics aside, though, I’m most interested in two things: (1) how Trump’s announcement stimulated the economy (in Europe at least) and (2) what damaging items could possibly be lurking in anyone’s college records from 25 to 30 years ago. Wouldn’t you hate for people to vote for or against you based on something you did at 22? We’re not talking Mark Zuckerberg here, a guy who literally changed the world before he hit 22.
Read this
Polico.com article, particularly the end, for a chuckle. It’s less about Donald Trump throwing down the gauntlet and what European oddsmakers thought he might have revealed in his announcement. There were odds on Barack and Michelle Obama divorcing, President Obama using drugs and that the president is not an American. But, my absolute favorite is the 500/1 odds that Trump would pull a James Earl Jones and intone, “I’m your father Obama.” That’s genius. At least Trump’s latest publicity stunt got the pounds and Euros flowing as people wagered on what exactly he would say.
But, what is there hiding in the college records of President Barack Obama? Did he struggle in that basket weaving class? Did he barely pass his fencing class? Was he addicted to the pancakes at Tom’s Diner (doubtful), now better known for that DNA/Suzanne Vega song and as the stand in diner on Seinfeld? Did he live in a rent controlled apartment or benefit from a slightly illegal sublet (Something nearly every New Yorker has done.)? Did President Obama commit fashion faux pas after faux pas? Or claim to run the New York marathon in a much faster time than he actually completed it?
Running Mates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden
I will tell you one thing — both presidential candidates and Paul Ryan — get a pass from me on whatever they did as undergrads (As a runner, maybe not on the marathon thing). Joe Biden, on the other hand, I bet there was some fun times during his days at university. We all know what a party school University of Delaware is. Now if Trump had challenged him, that’s something I could get behind. Simply because the answers would be entertaining.

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