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Here’s to Ted Greenberg from the Show’s Staff

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Posted: October 4, 2012

Ted is gearing up for the fourth anniversary show of Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer, this Saturday night, October 6th, at SoHo Playhouse. So the show’s staff has taken over today’s blog post. The show has one of the most eclectic group of people behind the scenes, but they have the best things to say about Ted and the show. In honor of this fourth anniversary, we each wrote about our favorite moments in the past 200 weeks.
The Complete Performer Team

“The biggest thrill for me as the producer is continuously seeing progress being made. We’re one big family, always growing, & I’m one of the ones lucky enough to have been with the show since the very beginning. It’s gone through some wild changes, & it’s just been fun seeing Ted, Mike Motz, & the crew roll with every new bit that’s thrown in. I remember getting a call from Ted at 2am in the morning back when the show was in it’s infancy and he asked, “Can you find me a place that makes Mascot heads?” I got calls like that all the time, & that’s how I remember many of the pieces of the show coming together. We’re also blessed with the best audiences in New York City! My favorite moments are seeing audience members that have seen the show twice, sometimes even four times in the past! It continues to be ‘that show’ you have to see when visiting New York! I’m resting well at night knowing that it’s going to surpass ‘Cats’ one day… here’s to another 4 years!”
Matt, Producer


“My favorite moments are small, and tend to stream from something going wrong. Because life and theater are not about things going right, but how you handle them when they do go wrong. And the real magic of this show is Ted is so good on his feet, that when things do go wrong they turn out so much better than if it had gone right.
Not that we should shoot for things to go awry, but I’ll sleep well knowing when they do, we can handle it, and make it better.”
Kate, stage manager


“Getting lost in queens on a cab ride home and circling around what seemed to be the same industrial park over and over again.
“We’re lost…oh well, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack cigarettes, it’s dark out and the Mascot is wearing sunscreen.”‘
Mike, Mascot Greenberg


“My favorite moment was my first night at the show, where I saw just how funny the show was and how it made the audience feel.

Since day one for me, which happened to be four years ago, I knew that the show was going to make people’s lives happier and make their time at the show, a night that they wouldn’t forget.

I’ve had a lot of friends and family see the show and I always mention a line or reflect a moment they had while at the show.

I’ve had nothing but good times working at The Complete Performer and I look forward to another 4 years of exciting and laughter filled times.”
Bestar, Technical Director


“One can’t find enough words. ALL the memories to sum them all up in a few words. What I can say is that in being a founding member / supporter / team player and ‘a part of the excitement’ – is just that one moment to share was, one evening watching Ted Greenberg and his Mascot on the street in a before pre-show crowd interaction with the beat on the street before show time was, “Ted: Hey you guys come and see my show I’m hilarious and the funniest man you’ll ever see in your life! . . . ( reaction – People: Really? Do you know, where Canal street is!? Ted & Mascot pointed and off they went …Ted: Great guys, have the best time!” The Mascot, danced and gave Ted a high five. Great comedy and the show, well – that feeling of what NYC still is. Thanks for the surprises and laughs, Ted!!”
Michael McQ, Assistant Mascot Trainer


“I’ve only worked on the show a short time, but already I’ve driven a taxi, dressed a mascot, beaten that same mascot in chess, and enjoyed the antics of an audience member names “Tiddlywinks.” You never know what will happen each night at this show, making it both fun to see and easy to work on. They should call it “Any Given Saturday” and then not get sued by Oliver Stone.”
Lou, Technical Assistant


“There are so many wonderful memories from this show. It is quintessential New York. Outlandish. Brilliant. Hilarious. I love saying good night to the audience every Saturday night and seeing the smiles on their faces. For 60 minutes each week, magic — both literal and figurative — happens on the stage at SoHo Playhouse. Happy Anniversary to the show, to Ted, whose spirit is always inspiring. Thank you to the fans for keeping it vital and fresh.”
Lanie, Publicist

And we promise the show is so much funnier than that snoozefest of a debate last night. Get your tickets now here.

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