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Top Five Christmas Movies That Make Me Laugh

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Posted: November 29, 2012

Holiday movies — no matter the holiday — are a staple of American cinema. Once December rolls around we are inundated with It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street and other holiday favorites. Sure these well-meaning films are good, but I need them to tickle my funny bone to encourage repeat viewings. Here are the five holiday films I put on repeat every holiday season.
5.Trading Places — Dan Ayckroyd and Eddie Murphy. In the 1980s. This classic film about nature vs. nurture and the 1%’s desire to rule the world for only a dollar is at its heart a biting comedy about race and class. Watching it 30 years later, sure it’s a bit dated, but much of it holds up.
Trading Places
4. Scrooged — This 1988 Richard Donner film updates the classic Scrooge story about a miser getting his comeuppance. In this instance it’s an incorrigible TV exec played by Bill Murray with his overstated aplomb. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching Murray put through the paces toward redemption. Hilarious.
3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang — Technically this film written and directed by Lethal Weapon scribe Shane Black isn’t a comedy, but I dare you to watch it without laughing (or noticing how irresistible Michelle Monaghan is!). Val Kilmer is sublime as a gay detective investigating a murder around Christmas in Los Angeles, and Robert Downey Jr is his perfect, manic foil. This underappreciated gem is well worth the look.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2. A Christmas Story — Who hasn’t lusted after something with all his heart? Dreamed of it. Envisioned it. Desired it. This charming story told about a young boy and his wish for a bb gun has charmed viewers for generations. Rightly so. I’ve never wanted a bb gun, but I get that longing. And laugh about it.
A Christmas Story
1. Bad Santa — If you watch this dark, dark comedy (and aren’t offended by the racy language), you will laugh almost every other frame. Billy Bob Thornton was born to play the role of a down-on-his-luck, hard-living Santa Claus who seizes every opportunity he can to steal his way through life. He’s not without his ever-so-slight charms as his reserve is melted by an overweight, awkward young boy and the affections of Lauren Graham. Definitely makes it worth being naughty and not nice.
Bad Santa
Happy Holidays!

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