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Family Is Funny, At Least on TV

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Posted: January 28, 2013

Tonight, nighttime soap opera Dallas returns on TNT for the second season of its relaunch. And while the themes of “extortion, ambition, family tradition” aren’t inherently funny, I defy you to watch the promo remix for season two (embedded below) and not bust out laughing. Cut together as a 1980s music video where the ridiculous lines the Ewings spout are the lyrics, the video is as over-the-top as the series. And, I love every frame of it — from J.R.’s maniacal laugh section to the bit about the money to the spliced together “family tradition”. Talk about a 2 minute, 25 second clip filled with (probably unintentional) hilarity. But, isn’t that how we like our comedy?

Thirty years ago, Dallas was one of the biggest forces in entertainment. The show was broadcast all over the world, and everyone wanted to be an oil man from Texas. And live in Southfork. And Larry Hagman played J.R. Ewing as a villain as big as the Empire State Building. He was devious through and through. One of the main reasons to tune into the CBS show. Before Hagman’s sad death last year, he and Patrick Duffy, who portrays his do-good brother Bobby, dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote the second incarnation of Dallas. You can check out his appearance here.
After watching that appearance and his crazy laugh in the season two promo, I wish he’d come by Late Night when David Letterman was the host and I was writing for the show in the early 80s. It would have been outrageous to write something absolutely insane for him to do.

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