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Right on the Money: Volkwagen Passat Commercial is Hysterical

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Posted: January 14, 2013

The Super Bowl is just a few weeks away. And, when you don’t have a team in the big game (what happened to my New York Giants this year?), you keep an eye on the commercials. Those 30-second spots go for millions of dollars and have high hopes riding on them…that you will be enticed to buy more beer, cars, you name it.
A new-ish ad from agency Deutsch, L.A. is utterly charming that it gets my pre-Super Bowl nod. “Baseball Toss” was created for Volkswagen Passat. In a suburban front yard, a father and son do the time honored tradition of tossing a baseball. But their form is anything but traditional. When the mopheaded young boy lets loose with a throw that looks more like he’s bowling — the ball spends more time on the ground than in the air — your heart breaks a little bit.You’re certain he gets picked on in school and is the last kid chosen during P.E. for sports team. But, the dad offers surprising encouragement. And, then the father unleashes a puzzling throw that looks like a cross between Elaine’s wacky dance on Seinfeld and a contortionist unraveling his body. It’s so brilliantly funny I’m convinced the actor playing the dad needed a chiropractor adjustment after filming.
A chip off the old block. Volkswagen has an endearing ad that takes a rite of passage and finds fresh humor in it. I grew up in Manhattan where I didn’t have a front lawn, but as a lifelong Yankees fan, I am smitten with this charming ad. Check it out below.

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