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Celebrating President’s Day

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Posted: February 18, 2013

Happy President’s Day! Today, we celebrate the 44 men who have been the leaders of the free world. And, for many of you, it’s a day off, a long enjoyable weekend. A reason not to clock in on Monday and to go shopping since there are so many random sales at department stores. Happy President’s Day indeed.
But, there are other reasons to celebrate. Many of our presidents have been smart, effective and thoughtful men. And, then many of them have displayed some weird habits and hobbies. Today at the One Man Comedy Show Blog, I salute the following Commanders-in-Chief for their oddities and for proving presidents are just men after all.
5. James Garfield. He’s not one of the most famous presidents. Hey, he was assasinated and only served 200 days in office. But, he deserves credit for not only being ambidextrous, but being able to write Latin with one hand and Ancient Greek with the other. That’s a very special talent.
James Garfield
4. James Madison could have been a jockey or coxon.
Since 1900, every elected president has been over 5’9″, but Mr. Madison weighed in at 100 pounds and only 5’4″.
James Madison
3. Richard Nixon, card shark. Rumor has it that Tricky Dick was a whiz at poker. After only a few months, he won enough money to bankroll his first congressional bid. Impressive.
Richard Nixon
2. Warren Harding, opposite of card shark. In fact, he’s supposed to have lost the White House china in a bet. You know you have a gambling problem when you’re betting plates that you don’t technically own. Plates.
Warren Harding
1. John Quincy Adams, nudist. JQA started his mornings with a refreshing nude dip in the Potomac River. Now, is the face of a many you would want to see naked in a river?
John Quincy Adams

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