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Stop and Smell The What(?) This Valentine’s Day

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Posted: February 14, 2013

Why is this not a bigger story? I know Banana Joe and Swagger have taken over New York’s attention. But those dogs cannot hold a romantic candle to this very odd way to celebrate the holiday of love.
Nothing says love like a Valentine’s Day tour of a sewage plant. I’m not making this up. New Yorkers are the strangest, weirdest people on the planet. And I love them for it. Last year, the Department of Environmental Protection offered a tour of a sewage treatment plant in Brooklyn, and the demand was so high that it’s back this year. And with an additional tour!
New Yorkers are always looking for that one-of-a-kind experience that sets them apart from the other 9 million people in the city. But, how exactly do you convince your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner to tour a sewage treatment plant at 9:30 am? What sort of things must you bargain or compromise to make this happen?
Most of us complain in the summer of the stifling heat and horrible smells that emanate from our glorious city. So, it’s amusing that people would actually subject themselves to the same odors in the name of love or romance. Where’s the chocolate? the flowers? the jewelry? or a wedding atop the Empire State Building? The sewage plant somewhat resembles a Hershey’s Kiss; perhaps that is part of the appeal?
Brooklyn Sewer Plant
NJ.com says it best: Love the one you whiff. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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