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The Expected Choice for Late Night

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Posted: May 16, 2013

Seth Meyers is taking over for Jimmy Fallon. No surprise there. Saturday Night Live continues to be the pipeline for NBC’s “Late Night” talkshow. It’s been rumored for months that Meyers would follow in Fallon’s footsteps. Meyers is an amiable choice to host the show. Like Fallon, he’s been a Weekend Update host on SNL, and handled the latest news with aplomb. I’m sure he’ll do nicely in the show when he takes over next year. But, don’t we want something different? A new breed of host?
Seth Meyers
When Conan O’Brien surprisingly won the show’s hosting gig twenty years ago, it was a shock. Although he had a great pedigree and tremendous writing credits, few people knew who the ginger was. Despite a shaky start, he grew into a very accomplished, funny host. A nice shake-up to the Johnny Carsons and Jay Lenos of the world. Isn’t late television ready for more diversity — another woman to join Chelsea Lately in the post-news slot? What about a Kristen Wiig? Or a Tina Fey? Sure, their movie careers may keep them from committing to a nightly talk show, but they are worth a consideration. Or what about Chris Rock or D.L. Hughley? Or Aasif Mandvi? There are many other comedians who could fill Fallon’s shoes.
But alas, that won’t happen. Now the only question that remains is: who is going to be the new band on the show?

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