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Put on Your To Do List

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Posted: July 29, 2013

Thirty years ago, raunchy male comedies were all the rage in movies. It’s a time when Porky’s ruled the nation, and the country fell in love with a bunch of Nerds. Amy Heckerling’s brilliant Fast Times at Ridgemont High was the lone exception because it showed both the teenage male’s and female’s perspective on budding relationships and the hell of high school.
The To Do List
This past weekend, The To Do List opened in theaters. The movie stars the adorable Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) as a straight-A high school senior who decides there’s more to life than making good grades. She attacks hooking up with guys as if it were a science project and she wants to win top prize. Finally a female high school teen comedy that’s not solely about the rivalry among girls (think Mean Girls or Heathers).
The film is at the top of my to do list, especially since many of the blockbusters have flamed out (The Lone Ranger, RIPD). I’m concentrating on small indie films and charming comedies, such as The To Do List, about which the New York Times raved “the sensibility that makes the movie work so well doesn’t seem so much feminine as intelligent.”
I know what’s on the top of my To Do List.

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Downtown Comedy Show Rocks the Critics

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Posted: July 25, 2013

Soho is a terrific hub of nightlife in New York. Bars. Music Venues. Clubs. Theaters. Movie houses. The neighborhood has it all. And, I am particularly proud that my show – Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer – is part of such vibrant arts and cultural community. A mere two blocks from Soho Playhouse is HERE, a 20-year-old theater that supports hybrid work. It’s a fantastic space with two theaters and a cafe.

Right now, HERE is presenting one of the best reviewed comedy shows of the year. Julian Schwab’s ‘rogerandtom’ has consistently tickled critics’ funnybones. The New York Times raves that the show is “past clever and making its way toward brilliant.” The New Yorker chimes in, ““the more nuts things get the more fun this light, whimsical, very well-acted play about the imagination is.” And New York Magazine was all hot and bothered by the production: “Julien Schwab’s crafty, poignant bottled playlet is a small, cool gem in the hot miasma of summer.”
Sounds like it’s time to run to see this stunning piece of work. And, I’d like to mention that it stars two very fine actors – Eric T. Miller and Richard Thieriot. Both are always worth the price of admission.
Get your tickets now before ‘rogerandtom’ closes. Performances run through August 24th.


How to Beat the Heat | West Village Style

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Posted: July 22, 2013

Last week was a scorcher in New York City. Temperatures rose as high as 100 degrees, and most of the Big Apple felt like it was melting. Going into the subway felt like a trip to Hades followed by an Arctic blast of air once the subway trains arrived. In other words, it was a schizophrenic experience.
There are a few ways (besides seeing my Saturday late night show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer) to beat the heat in the West Village. Here are my top five suggestions.


(5) Washington Square Park Fountain — Take a dip in the fountain. Plenty of kids and teenagers ran through the fountain, which was on full blast, to cool down. Just be warned the water is so chlorinated you can smell it a block away.
(4) Pedicab — How about a pedicab ride to get the breeze flowing? Just don’t let yourself be overcharged.
(3) Chase ATMs — The A/C is pumping in these ATMS (Chase boasts the most across the city). If you need a short reprieve, duck inside to let off some steam.

(2) Gelato — Head to Grom and grab some mouth-watering gelato or sorbet. You’re sure to be cooler in moments.

(1) Angelika Film Center — See a movie, and you’ll be taken to the cool promiseland. On fact, you may need to bring a sweater with you. It’s THAT cold.

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Andy Kaufman on Record

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Posted: July 18, 2013

Anyone who has seen my show, Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer, or read this blog knows that Andy Kaufman is one of my comic heroes. Hey, I’ve even vied for the Andy Kaufman Award a couple of times. Kaufman, in my mind, was a comedy genius and brilliant performance artist who has people still in awe of his work nearly 30 years after his untimely, and sometime debatable passing.
Andy and His Grandmother
The latest Andy Kaufman news is that Andy and His Grandmother, his first and only comedy album, has just been released. Culled from over 80 hours of recordings he completed from 1977-1979, the album features conversations with colleagues and lovers as well as his insane bits. Time Out New York, in its rave reviews, says “for acolytes, every moment, especially the final conversation about those who “won’t believe [Andy’s] death,” will feel like manna (from wherever comics go when they die).” The Boston Globe chimed in with “Long live Andy Kaufman.”
What a treasure to have a new Andy Kaufman release 29 years after he succumbed to lung cancer. Thanks to Vernon Chatman for compiling this album.

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It’s Almost FringeNYC Time

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Posted: July 15, 2013

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since my show, Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer, got its start at the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival. What a fun time and place to launch my show, which has run in downtown Manhattan ever since. I’m grateful to Elena Holy and Britt Lafield, two of the hardest working people in New York theater. Those two incredible people make FringeNYC happen year after year, bringing theater to tens of thousands of audience members and showcasing thousands of artists’ work.
Last week, FringeNYC announced the 185 shows that will be in this year’s festival. There is work from 13 countries and 17 states. Performances run August 9 through 25 at terrific theaters downtown, including The Lynn Redgrave Theater, The Connelly Theater, 440 Studios, and La MaMa. Tickets are $15 ($18 at the door) and go on sale July 19th at July 19 at www.FringeNYC.org or 866-468.7619.
I’m already planning the shows I’m going to see. Hope you’ll join me this year at FringeNYC.

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Bill W. and Dr. Bob at Soho Playhouse

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Posted: July 11, 2013

One of the great things about performing my weekly comedy show at the historic Soho Playhouse — besides having a grand ole time every Saturday night — is the diversity of other shows that call the downtown theater home. This week, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, a moving and funny play about the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, joined the long list of terrific shows on that adorable stage.
bill w. and dr. bob
The play about two of history’s iconic, but not well known figures, has racked up award after award and critical praise across the United States and Canada. Actor Martin Sheen raves, “The miraculous story, beautifully told, of the men who named the disease and created the cure.” Bill W. and Dr. Bob met 80 years ago in an interesting set of circumstances, and worked to keep each other sober. Their ‘cure’ has helped tens of millions of people who struggle with alcohol addiction.
Patrick Boll and Timothy Crowe play Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, respectively. These terrific actors imbue their characters with vitality and grace. Their performances are a joy to watch as this uncanny story unfolds. Check out this wonderful show. For tickets, visit Soho Playhouse’s web site.

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The Man Behind the Mascot

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Posted: July 8, 2013

Ted Greenberg and Mascot Greenberg
Saturday night marked the end of an era for Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer. After more than 200 shows, Mike Motz, who plays my irascible sidekick Mascot Greenberg, did his last Twerking in the name of humor. It’s hard to write this post. How do I thank Motz for creating such a wonderfully funny and game ‘character’ through dance, movement and gesture. Words don’t seem fitting somehow. It would probably be better if I could do my own interpretative dance to express my gratitude.
Anyone who has seen the show knows that Motz is a brilliant improviser, and he has a certain je ne sais quoi when he busts a move throughout my weekly comedy show. I will sincerely miss sharing the stage every week with him as well as all of the wild activities we’ve done between shows — playing handball or riding a bicycle built for two. He has given the show more than four-and-half-years of amusing and thoughtful work. I’m so grateful.
As I’ve been casting for a “new” Mascot, I realize just what a big head it is to fill. You need strength, stamina, an ability to think on your feet, willingness to rock it out on full tilt for an hour and an unfettered desire to make people laugh.
Motz is leaving to pursue his comedy career out West — in the beautiful Colorado Rockies and points beyond. New York won’t be the same without you. Of course, any time you pass through the Big Apple, you know you have a stage waiting for you man. Truly.
Good luck Motz. May the road be kind to ya, and hope to see you around New York soon.

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Unconstitutional In Time for July 4th

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Posted: July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July! It’s time to celebrate the birth of America. The re-opening of the Statue of Liberty, which has been out of commission since Hurricane Sandy last fall. Watch some fireworks, fire up the grill, head to the beach. Maybe even throw back a cold one or two.
While you’re at it, celebrate the return of Colin Quinn’s Unconstitutional. The solo show has an extended run – July 4 – 23 – at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City.
Colin Quinn
The 75 minute show finds the humor in the founding of the United States of America and our document – The Constitution. The show isn’t a dry history lesson. As told by Quinn, whom I’ve praised before, the Constitution is a living, breathing work and the men who wrote it flawed and funny. And lest you think the show is only about Madison, Jefferson and Washington, Quinn weaves in modern day tales and references Bruce Springsteen. Get your tickets now.
Unconstitutional is a great way to spend this patriotic day. Check out this wonderfully funny and insightful one-man show. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Twitter Ticket Give-Away

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Posted: July 1, 2013

Starting today and running every Monday through the summer, you can win a pair of tickets to my weekly comedy show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer by connecting with the show via Twitter. As you know, I end my show with a free cab ride home to a lucky audience group. Now, I will offer a free pair of tickets through Twitter every Monday.
Follow me on Twitter for full details, and get ready to reply and/or retweet! And you may win a pair to Saturday night’s show.
I also wish you a very happy July 4th. Here’s to hot dogs, fireworks and great weather!

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