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How to Beat the Heat | West Village Style

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Posted: July 22, 2013

Last week was a scorcher in New York City. Temperatures rose as high as 100 degrees, and most of the Big Apple felt like it was melting. Going into the subway felt like a trip to Hades followed by an Arctic blast of air once the subway trains arrived. In other words, it was a schizophrenic experience.
There are a few ways (besides seeing my Saturday late night show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer) to beat the heat in the West Village. Here are my top five suggestions.


(5) Washington Square Park Fountain — Take a dip in the fountain. Plenty of kids and teenagers ran through the fountain, which was on full blast, to cool down. Just be warned the water is so chlorinated you can smell it a block away.
(4) Pedicab — How about a pedicab ride to get the breeze flowing? Just don’t let yourself be overcharged.
(3) Chase ATMs — The A/C is pumping in these ATMS (Chase boasts the most across the city). If you need a short reprieve, duck inside to let off some steam.

(2) Gelato — Head to Grom and grab some mouth-watering gelato or sorbet. You’re sure to be cooler in moments.

(1) Angelika Film Center — See a movie, and you’ll be taken to the cool promiseland. On fact, you may need to bring a sweater with you. It’s THAT cold.

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