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BIG DUMMY Is Full of Heart | Interview with Mary Dimino

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Posted: August 12, 2013

Do whatever you can to see one of the final four performances of Mary’ Dimino’s solo show BIG DUMMY me and my old man at the New York International Fringe Festival. I caught the first performance and was blown away by how funny and touching the piece is. I loved it so much that I tracked Mary down to interview her for my blog.
Big Dummy Mary Dimino

TED GREENBERG: Did your dad seen Big Dummy in any version?
MARY DIMINO: Big Dummy is a tribute to dad. He passed on a few years back. I would like to think he is seeing it, somehow, from somewhere. He’s probably getting a kick out of it because strange things have been happening lately. For example, Dad would always pick up coins he would find on the street, and then get all excited and say, “Look, I found money.” Three days in a row, Christine (my director) and I found bright, shiny quarters on the street of the theater. On opening night, a quarter was on the stage next to my foot.
TG: What was your dad’s favorite joke of yours – stand-up or otherwise?
MD: My first joke ever, kinda lame, but he liked it. “I know I have a pot belly. My friend says, Mary you don’t have a pot belly. You’ve got a pot, stove, dishwasher, frigorator belly.” Yes, Big Dummy liked his jokes dumb.
TG: Of all your non comedy jobs, what was your favorite?
MD: Working as the office manager in a comedy school. Hmm…Maybe that’ll be the theme of my next play.
TG: What do you like about the theater vs. stand-up?
MD: With theater, you get to go deeper. You can take them on a journey, with an arc, with all of the ups and downs. Like life really is.
The four remaining performances of BIG DUMMY me and my old man are SAT 17 @ 12:45, TUE 20 @ 4:00, SAT 8/24 @ 6 and SUN 25 @ 2:00. Get your tickets at www.fringenyc.org. `.