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March Madness in April

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Posted: April 3, 2014

Sports fans understand marketing in a very specific way. We’re still celebrating March Madness in April, sorta like Christmas in July, only different. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament comes to a close this weekend. After many upsets (thank you Dayton), we’ve got four teams — all named for the state they are in — Florida, Connecticut, Kentucky and Wisconsin — who will duke it out for the national title on Monday.
This year’s shock quotient was pretty high, particularly if you root for a team from the state of North Carolina. Goodbye Duke. So long UNC. It’s rare that both of those teams are non-factors. Florida, the only No. 1 seed left in the tournament, escaped Kentucky in the conference tournament prior to March Madness. The Gators won the one-point nailbiter to clinch the SEC Tournament victory. There’s a good chance they will need to go through the Wildcats to hoist the NCAA trophy as well.
In a year when Warren Buffet offered big money to anyone who could accurately predict all of the tournament’s games, only 612 out of 11 million in ESPN’s tournament challenge got the right Final Four. According to USA Today, that’s .0000551% of people. Not great odds. Of course, that’s what made Mr. Buffet’s gamble so much fun and a sure bet. There was almost no way anyone could predict this year’s results, particularly when more than one No. 12 seed upset a No. 5 team in the first round.
Isn’t the unpredictability of the tournament part of the fun? Especially in a year when there are a No. 7 (Connecticut) and a No. 8 (Kentucky) seeds left. Of course, it could be argued that Kentucky earned a higher ranking.
I’m looking forward to watching the games right before my show–Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer– on Saturday, and then sitting in front of the TV on Monday night to see who wins the whole shebang.