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Basketball in the Springtime of New York

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Posted: May 8, 2014

Finally, it’s spring in New York City. Though slightly chilly and rainy today, we’ve enjoyed some glorious moderate days over the last week–the kind where shirts come easily come off movie stars (I am talking to you Adrian Grenier), brunch takes place outside and more people are running than walking on New York’s sidewalks.
Yet, despite this beautiful change, something is not right in the Big Apple. Particularly in Manhattan. The New York Knicks are not in the playoffs for the first time in four years. Sure we’ve got guru-kingmaker-former coach and player Phil Jackson in the front office with the hopes of turning around a team that needs a surge in energy and enthusiasm. Wins too.
Seems like Manhattan has been losing to Brooklyn on the regular. And I’m not just talking basketball. Although in this case, it’s true too. The Brooklyn Nets, under first year coach Jason Kidd, eked out a one-point victory over the Toronto Raptors to take the first round series in seven games. Of course, the Nets have a tall task ahead of them–playing the Miami Heat in Round 2, but at least they are in the game, so to speak. Fans can flock to Barclays Center this week while Madison Square Garden is shut down for the season.
I wish the Nets the best, partially cause they are the underdog in their series versus LeBron, Dwyane and company. Still, I’d be a lot happier if my beloved Knicks were still in the picture.

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