Ted Greenberg's The Complete Performer

Starring Emmy Award winning Letterman writer, Ted Greenberg!


Kate August, stage manager of Ted Greenberg's The Complete Performer

Kate August (Stage Manager) is an elusive creature of the off-off Broadway theater. Past projects include but are not limited to; Down the Rabbit Hole (Actors Playhouse), Barefoot in the Park (Ground UP Productions), Auto Da Fe (International Wow Company), Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire, One Nation Under, Red Light Winter, 2Gents, The Optimist (ASM), 99 Degrees, 516 and the After Dark series sponsored by the Potomic Theater Company. She was last spotted off Broadway as Dancing Lesbian Nun #2, in Blair Fell’s, Burning Habits (in which she also did the sound, stage managed, and assistant directed) She has studied with UAA in Anchorage Alaska, and The School for Film and Television of NYC. She’s worked within the Denver Center with The National Theater Conservatory. And often times she can be found teaching “children how to lie,” or out in the Midwest touring with the Beijing Opera. She also has a profound enjoyment of waffles…

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Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer Production Team:

Writer/Performer: Ted Greenberg

Director: Stephen Rosenfield

Mascot Greenberg: Mike Cupulo

Founding Mascot Greenberg: Mike Motz






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