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A Show to Toast at Soho Playhouse

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Posted: December 4, 2014

Audiences are flocking to The Imbible at Soho Playhouse. I know because my weekly comedy show–Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer–takes the stage after them on Saturday nights. It’s, of course, no surprise that New Yorkers would be entertained by a show about alcohol.
Here’s what it says about the show on the Soho Playhouse web site:
The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking – The drinks are on us! Join world-renowned mixologist and raconteur Anthony Caporale for a boozy romp through the history of alcohol. Cocktails and comedy combine for an utterly unique musical theatre experience! “An absolute must-see!” raves The Huffington Post. 21+ only.
Get your tickets before the show leaves January 3rd! For more info, go HERE.


Friends with Four Paws Benefit 11/20

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Posted: November 13, 2014

It’s always good to give back. And, it feels right, especially around Thanksgiving. Two members of Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer are involved with an upcoming fundraiser, hosted in the very same space where we perform Saturday nights. On Thursday, November 20th, there will be a comedy event in support of Friends with Four Paws, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization formed to rescue animals at the Chickasha Animal Shelter in Oklahoma from imminent death by having mobile adoption locations and providing foster care for dogs and cats. The rescued animals are adopted throughout the country, including in New York.
The line-up of comics includes TGTCP’s own Mike Cupolo (host) and Paul Murdock along with Naomi Karavani, Jena Axelrod, Brett Druck, Craig Todaro and Jacob Silver. Showtime is 8pm. Tickets are only $18 and may be purchased in advance at Eventbrite. There will also be a silent auction, where you can win tickets to TGTCP as well.
All proceeds benefit Friends with Four Paws.

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New York Legend Dorothy Parker Is Brought to Life

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Posted: October 13, 2014

Last week, I spoke about the Edinburgh Fringe shows that are playing at Soho Playhouse. There is another piece that I recently saw (and see that it’s been selling out!) in the space. A piece about Dorothy Parker, one of New York’s most legendary women. Known for her acerbic wit (“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”) and a life grander than the stage, Ms. Parker ruled New York for many years. Now the wonderful Chicago actress Jennifer Engstrom brings her back to life with her one-woman show.
Presented by Oscar nominee actor Michael Shannon and Soho Playhouse, Excuse My Dust (A Dorothy Parker Portfolio) is searing and a masterful melding of Dorothy Parker’s romantic misadventures and her compositions. And there are lots of romantic misadventures. Ms. Engstrom is brilliant in the role, and this must see performance continues through November 9th.
Don’t miss this chance to spend 60 minutes with the enchanting and entertaining Ms. Engstrom in a role she was born to play. For tickets and other information, visit here.

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Festival Time at SoHo Playhouse

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Posted: October 9, 2014

Out with the New York Fringe and in withe Edinburgh Fringe. For the last few weeks, SoHo Playhouse–where I perform my weekly comedy show–has been home to Fringe Encores, a series of the best and brightest from the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival. Now, the famous theater is hosting a series of shows that rocked the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe this summer.
As part of the Edinburgh Encores series, you can see new work by SoHo Playhouse favorite Baba Brinkman. He’s tackled Evolution and now, he’s ready to bring the house down with The Rap Guide to Religion. He’s been called “brainy and entertaining” by the New York Times, and now you can learn why.
The other shows include the Jewish Chronicles, a musical folklore extravaganza by Daniel Cainer; System Failure, “A genuinely fresh look at not only relationships, but also modern city life” according to The Scotsman; and Running with the Firm, James Bannon’s one-man show about going undercover in one of the most dangerous groups in the UK.
Check out these four shows when you can!


Politics and Politicians Are Best Fodder for Comedians

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Posted: September 25, 2014

I’m a big fan of the New York International Fringe Festival. My show–Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer–got its start in the festival six years ago, and it’s been running ever since. It’s thrilling when other FringeNYC shows enjoy extended runs and/or move to a bigger theater.
Today, you can see Tail!Spin!, the big hit at the 2013 FringeNYC. The show plays through November and elections at the Lynn Redgrave Theater downtown. It stars Arnie Burton, Rachel Dratch, Sean Dugan, Tom Galantich and Nate Smith. Tail!Spin! follows the ripped-from-the-headlines, unbelievable words and actions of America’s politicians, particularly Anthony Weiner, Mark Foley, Larry Craig and Mark Sanford. Obviously, there’s a lot of comedy material to mine from those four gentlemen. Whether Tweeting inappropriate photos or running away with a mistress while in office, they set a low bar for behavior.
The show’s tagline is spot on: Politics is dirty. Politicians are dirtier. And, according to TheaterMania.com, Ms. Dratch brings her beloved imitation of Barbara Walters out of retirement for the show.
Enjoy Tail!Spin!


April 2014 at 11pm

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Posted: March 3, 2014

I have a blast week in and week out at my late night Saturday comedy show — Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer. For over five years, I’ve rocked the stage at Soho Playhouse at 10:00pm, followed by a lucky group winning a cab ride from me anywhere in NYC. I’ve driven to the Bronx, the far reaches of Queens, deep into Brooklyn and even just around the corner in Soho. Each week is an adventure.
In April, that adventure goes one hour later. That’s right. On April 5, 12, and 19, you can see Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer and experience all the chills and thrills. Just at 11pm. Then, after three really late weeks, I’m taken April 26th off. I think I’ve earned it.
Book your tickets now, and be among the select few who can say “I saw Ted Greenberg at 11.”


5th Anniversary Show Announced | October 19th

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Posted: September 18, 2013

5 Smash Seasons!
Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer
5th Anniversary Party – October 19th

Time flies when you’re a dynamic lookalike duo. Thank you for helping Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer reach a significant milestone – the show’s 5th Anniversary!
On Saturday, October 19th, join us for another great show plus a champagne toast and cookies from our favorite local bakery — Milk and Cookies. Get your tickets now to celebrate with me and the Mascot NOW!
Five is a big anniversary. Half a decade. So big Mascot and I made this Vine about it.
It’s been 5 years of hilarity, mind-blowing magic tricks, free cab rides home and great reviews. Check out some recent ones.
“My mom laughed so hard she cried! Ted Greenberg has created a show that is a blend of comedy, magic with heaping spoonfuls of silliness and hilarity.” – PD on TripAdvisor
“Excellent show! My boyfriend and I laughed all night. A large portion of the show is improv and Ted did an excellent job interacting with the crowd and getting the audience involved. I’m a local and would definitely go again. Thanks for a great night, Ted!” – K.C. on Yelp.com
Thank you for the support over the past 5 years!
And if you cannot make it on the 19th, we’re at the Soho Playhouse in downtown Manhattan every Saturday at 10 pm. Tickets are on sale through the end of the year.

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Downtown Comedy Show Rocks the Critics

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Posted: July 25, 2013

Soho is a terrific hub of nightlife in New York. Bars. Music Venues. Clubs. Theaters. Movie houses. The neighborhood has it all. And, I am particularly proud that my show – Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer – is part of such vibrant arts and cultural community. A mere two blocks from Soho Playhouse is HERE, a 20-year-old theater that supports hybrid work. It’s a fantastic space with two theaters and a cafe.

Right now, HERE is presenting one of the best reviewed comedy shows of the year. Julian Schwab’s ‘rogerandtom’ has consistently tickled critics’ funnybones. The New York Times raves that the show is “past clever and making its way toward brilliant.” The New Yorker chimes in, ““the more nuts things get the more fun this light, whimsical, very well-acted play about the imagination is.” And New York Magazine was all hot and bothered by the production: “Julien Schwab’s crafty, poignant bottled playlet is a small, cool gem in the hot miasma of summer.”
Sounds like it’s time to run to see this stunning piece of work. And, I’d like to mention that it stars two very fine actors – Eric T. Miller and Richard Thieriot. Both are always worth the price of admission.
Get your tickets now before ‘rogerandtom’ closes. Performances run through August 24th.


Bill W. and Dr. Bob at Soho Playhouse

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Posted: July 11, 2013

One of the great things about performing my weekly comedy show at the historic Soho Playhouse — besides having a grand ole time every Saturday night — is the diversity of other shows that call the downtown theater home. This week, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, a moving and funny play about the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, joined the long list of terrific shows on that adorable stage.
bill w. and dr. bob
The play about two of history’s iconic, but not well known figures, has racked up award after award and critical praise across the United States and Canada. Actor Martin Sheen raves, “The miraculous story, beautifully told, of the men who named the disease and created the cure.” Bill W. and Dr. Bob met 80 years ago in an interesting set of circumstances, and worked to keep each other sober. Their ‘cure’ has helped tens of millions of people who struggle with alcohol addiction.
Patrick Boll and Timothy Crowe play Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, respectively. These terrific actors imbue their characters with vitality and grace. Their performances are a joy to watch as this uncanny story unfolds. Check out this wonderful show. For tickets, visit Soho Playhouse’s web site.

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Unconstitutional In Time for July 4th

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Posted: July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July! It’s time to celebrate the birth of America. The re-opening of the Statue of Liberty, which has been out of commission since Hurricane Sandy last fall. Watch some fireworks, fire up the grill, head to the beach. Maybe even throw back a cold one or two.
While you’re at it, celebrate the return of Colin Quinn’s Unconstitutional. The solo show has an extended run – July 4 – 23 – at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City.
Colin Quinn
The 75 minute show finds the humor in the founding of the United States of America and our document – The Constitution. The show isn’t a dry history lesson. As told by Quinn, whom I’ve praised before, the Constitution is a living, breathing work and the men who wrote it flawed and funny. And lest you think the show is only about Madison, Jefferson and Washington, Quinn weaves in modern day tales and references Bruce Springsteen. Get your tickets now.
Unconstitutional is a great way to spend this patriotic day. Check out this wonderfully funny and insightful one-man show. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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