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Barbara Walters Returns to The View

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Posted: March 27, 2015

A year ago, before Barbara Walters retired, I was on The View, the iconic show she created. Yes, Barbara selected me as her favorite comedian, an honor I wear proudly. You can see a brief video of my appearance here.
I had a grand time at The View, both behind the scenes, and in front of the show’s wonderful audience. I bet you can tell by the video how hyped I am. Plus, I’ve been a fan of Ms. Walters my whole life.
Barbara returned to The View on Thursday to celebrate the program’s 4,000 show. Quite a feat. I’ve performed The Complete Performer week in and week out for nearly seven years. I know how much effort goes into keeping a long-running show going. And, I salute Barbara for her landmark career and The View’s 4,000 episodes. I’m thrilled that I was part of one of them.

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Thanks for the Memories, Barbara

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Posted: May 15, 2014

Tomorrow, Barbara Walters, who is still stunning at 84, is set to sign off on a career that has spanned six decades, made her a household name and inspired generations of women. To list her myriad accomplishments would require years. In 1996, she was ranked by TV Guide as one of the top 50 TV stars of all time. And, in 1989, she was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. Barbara has won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards.
Barbara Walters
Whether working on The Today Show or creating the gabfest The View or interviewing celebrities and world leaders, Barbara is a force of nature. For 20 years in December, I, like many Americans, look forward to her 10 Most Fascinating People special, where she interviews the newsmakers of that year.
I must admit I am biased. I’ve known Barbara since I was in high school, and recently got to propose to her on The View. You can see the video here. Still, whether you know Barbara personally or not, I’m sure you admire all that she has accomplished in her illustrious career.
Thanks for the memories, Barbara. I will tune into The View tomorrow to say goodbye.