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Thank You for Five Fantastic Years

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Posted: October 21, 2013

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze aren’t the only ones to have the time of their lives. On Saturday, October 19th, Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer celebrated its 5th Anniversary show. What a night. It’s one I will never forget. A great, sold out audience. Laughs from start to finish. And a champagne toast.
Thank you to Milk and Cookies Bakery for these gorgeous and delicious cookies to commemorate the occasion. They were a huge hit.
And, I want to give a shout out to everyone who has helped make this show possible. Special Thanks to: Elena Araoz, Jed Alpert, Balde, JoAnna Beckson, Lou Borenstein, Katrina Borgstrom,Rome Brown, Michael Codispoti, Michael Cupolo, Darren Lee Cole, Farrah Crane, Ien DeNio, eeboo, Kyle Fincham, Alison Forns, Sax Freymann, Glenn Gabe, Jon E. Gicewicz, Jim Glaub, Bob Golden, Alan Greenberg, Kathy Greenberg, Doug Hirsch, Stephanie Holmes, Aliya Itzkowitz, Jon Johnson, Lynne Koeppel, Master Lee, Simon Lovell, Michael McQuary, Francesca Meccariello, Diego Medina, Mike Motz, Bestar Mujaj, Faith Mulvihill, Napesi Taxi, Bob Ost, Stephen Rosenfield, Rick Rubens, Gary Rudoren, Alan Ruskis, Chris Ruskis, Dan Salvatore, Michael Santiago, Simple Studios, Splendid Clothing, Michael Sweeney, Jessica Disbrow Talley, Emma Thorne, Matt Wayne, The New Excitement, David Yazbek & Lanie Zipoy.
Looking forward to another great 5 years.


A Look Back: Five Years of Memories

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Posted: October 17, 2013

It takes a team to put Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer on each week. Today we ask five members of the TGTCP team about their favorite memories about the show, heading into its 6th Season at Soho Playhouse.
Kate (Stage Manager)
My favorite thing about the show is how fluid it is. The show continues to evolve and change. And while it remains the same no two shows are exactly the same.
Bestar (Technical Director)
My fondest experience with the show is when I invited a few friends to come and see the show. They had a blast! We were all talking about it for quite some time. They asked me to reveal Ted’s secrets, but I promised to never give them up. It was a great experience being able to laugh with friends about the show. They told family back home about the show and everyone wants to go when they come here on vacation.
Lou (Technical Assistant)
My favorite thing about the show has always been simply that Ted has a mascot of himself. Who has a mascot of themself?! Whether dancing up a storm, levitating himself, or getting into the taxi driven by Ted, the mascot is the perfect addition to blow any one-man-only show out of the water. One-man, one-beast shows are way better, and I’ve never seen it anywhere else.
Lanie (Producer)
I love this show. It brings together fathers and sons with shared comic sensibility, groups of women celebrating birthdays or bachelorette parties, native New Yorkers and, like last week, a group of nine who were in town for a friend’s wedding. Everyone has a great time because Ted is hilarious, outrageous and the perfect funny-man to spend Saturday night with.
Mascot Greenberg (Mascot)
The first time I fell in love was during The Complete Performer.
Being a mascot, love is hard to find. Do you know we are the only type of person to not have their own dating website?
It was a Saturday night. Ted was doing his thing. I was doing mine and then it happened. A woman ran on stage during the show and hugged Ted! This was very similar to a streaker during a sporting event, except she was wearing clothes. Bummer, I know. She then exclaimed how much she loved Ted and the show. After realizing she had no plans to leave the stage or letting the show continue I did what any good wingman would do. I attempted to escort this enthusiastic fan back to her seat.
What came next from her was a result of pure affection mixed with a few martinis. The lady clamped onto my giant mascot dome like an octopus and told me how fantastic I was. All I ever do is dish out affection and now I was receiving it! She then sat down and enjoyed the rest of the show. I never saw her again after that night.
I never felt love before that shining moment in time, but for that brief instant, I was adored.
Love my friends, smells like vodka and screams in your ears to make sure you truly know how great you are.
The 5th Anniversary show is set for this Saturday, October 19th. Join us. Tickets are available at https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/9818876.

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5th Anniversary Show Announced | October 19th

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Posted: September 18, 2013

5 Smash Seasons!
Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer
5th Anniversary Party – October 19th

Time flies when you’re a dynamic lookalike duo. Thank you for helping Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer reach a significant milestone – the show’s 5th Anniversary!
On Saturday, October 19th, join us for another great show plus a champagne toast and cookies from our favorite local bakery — Milk and Cookies. Get your tickets now to celebrate with me and the Mascot NOW!
Five is a big anniversary. Half a decade. So big Mascot and I made this Vine about it.
It’s been 5 years of hilarity, mind-blowing magic tricks, free cab rides home and great reviews. Check out some recent ones.
“My mom laughed so hard she cried! Ted Greenberg has created a show that is a blend of comedy, magic with heaping spoonfuls of silliness and hilarity.” – PD on TripAdvisor
“Excellent show! My boyfriend and I laughed all night. A large portion of the show is improv and Ted did an excellent job interacting with the crowd and getting the audience involved. I’m a local and would definitely go again. Thanks for a great night, Ted!” – K.C. on Yelp.com
Thank you for the support over the past 5 years!
And if you cannot make it on the 19th, we’re at the Soho Playhouse in downtown Manhattan every Saturday at 10 pm. Tickets are on sale through the end of the year.

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How to Beat the Heat | West Village Style

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Posted: July 22, 2013

Last week was a scorcher in New York City. Temperatures rose as high as 100 degrees, and most of the Big Apple felt like it was melting. Going into the subway felt like a trip to Hades followed by an Arctic blast of air once the subway trains arrived. In other words, it was a schizophrenic experience.
There are a few ways (besides seeing my Saturday late night show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer) to beat the heat in the West Village. Here are my top five suggestions.


(5) Washington Square Park Fountain — Take a dip in the fountain. Plenty of kids and teenagers ran through the fountain, which was on full blast, to cool down. Just be warned the water is so chlorinated you can smell it a block away.
(4) Pedicab — How about a pedicab ride to get the breeze flowing? Just don’t let yourself be overcharged.
(3) Chase ATMs — The A/C is pumping in these ATMS (Chase boasts the most across the city). If you need a short reprieve, duck inside to let off some steam.

(2) Gelato — Head to Grom and grab some mouth-watering gelato or sorbet. You’re sure to be cooler in moments.

(1) Angelika Film Center — See a movie, and you’ll be taken to the cool promiseland. On fact, you may need to bring a sweater with you. It’s THAT cold.

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Unconstitutional In Time for July 4th

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Posted: July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July! It’s time to celebrate the birth of America. The re-opening of the Statue of Liberty, which has been out of commission since Hurricane Sandy last fall. Watch some fireworks, fire up the grill, head to the beach. Maybe even throw back a cold one or two.
While you’re at it, celebrate the return of Colin Quinn’s Unconstitutional. The solo show has an extended run – July 4 – 23 – at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City.
Colin Quinn
The 75 minute show finds the humor in the founding of the United States of America and our document – The Constitution. The show isn’t a dry history lesson. As told by Quinn, whom I’ve praised before, the Constitution is a living, breathing work and the men who wrote it flawed and funny. And lest you think the show is only about Madison, Jefferson and Washington, Quinn weaves in modern day tales and references Bruce Springsteen. Get your tickets now.
Unconstitutional is a great way to spend this patriotic day. Check out this wonderfully funny and insightful one-man show. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Twitter Ticket Give-Away

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Posted: July 1, 2013

Starting today and running every Monday through the summer, you can win a pair of tickets to my weekly comedy show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer by connecting with the show via Twitter. As you know, I end my show with a free cab ride home to a lucky audience group. Now, I will offer a free pair of tickets through Twitter every Monday.
Follow me on Twitter for full details, and get ready to reply and/or retweet! And you may win a pair to Saturday night’s show.
I also wish you a very happy July 4th. Here’s to hot dogs, fireworks and great weather!

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The Expected Choice for Late Night

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Posted: May 16, 2013

Seth Meyers is taking over for Jimmy Fallon. No surprise there. Saturday Night Live continues to be the pipeline for NBC’s “Late Night” talkshow. It’s been rumored for months that Meyers would follow in Fallon’s footsteps. Meyers is an amiable choice to host the show. Like Fallon, he’s been a Weekend Update host on SNL, and handled the latest news with aplomb. I’m sure he’ll do nicely in the show when he takes over next year. But, don’t we want something different? A new breed of host?
Seth Meyers
When Conan O’Brien surprisingly won the show’s hosting gig twenty years ago, it was a shock. Although he had a great pedigree and tremendous writing credits, few people knew who the ginger was. Despite a shaky start, he grew into a very accomplished, funny host. A nice shake-up to the Johnny Carsons and Jay Lenos of the world. Isn’t late television ready for more diversity — another woman to join Chelsea Lately in the post-news slot? What about a Kristen Wiig? Or a Tina Fey? Sure, their movie careers may keep them from committing to a nightly talk show, but they are worth a consideration. Or what about Chris Rock or D.L. Hughley? Or Aasif Mandvi? There are many other comedians who could fill Fallon’s shoes.
But alas, that won’t happen. Now the only question that remains is: who is going to be the new band on the show?

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Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party | New York Edition

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Posted: January 17, 2013

Planning a perfect Bachelorette Party can be tough. And in New York City, even tougher. Do you make your night naughty or nice? Do you stay in and watch the “7 Man Candy Movies” or go to Hunkmania for a little bit of debauchery? Or blow your monthly entertainment budget on a very expensive club?
Forget all of those and make with Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer a part of your Bachelorette Party. I promise my long-running comedy show will be as entertaining at Channing Tatum in Magic Mike and a whole heck of a lot funnier. And smarter than Hunkmania. No offense fellas. This past weekend, a lovely group of young women (pictured below) were enchanted by the wild ride that is my late night comedy show. And they aren’t the only ones. Over the past four and a half years, we’ve hosted Bachelorette Parties, more than 70 birthdays and groups of all kinds. Going to a comedy show is a perfect way to spend time with friends, acquaintances and brides-to-be.
Bachelorette Party
And downtown Manhattan is a great place to be on a Saturday night. You can eat at the nearby Barrel Room at City Winery or at the David Burke Kitchen at the James Hotel, then see my show, and after laughing your butt off, dance the night away at local hotspot Greenhouse or like the ladies on Saturday night, head to the Fat Black Pussy Cat for drinks and merriment. It’s guaranteed to be a great night.

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The Intersection of Comedy and Magic

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Posted: January 7, 2013

On Saturday night, a very lively audience member — Vinnie — shouted that he didn’t expect to see magic at my late night comedy show. Guilty as charged. While my four-year plus Off Broadway production, Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer is a mostly one man comedy show, it does mine humor from other genres, like magic. All in the service of a good laugh. Vinnie did not mind one bit. He laughed hardest at…I’m not going to give it away, but that magic bit was his favorite.
This style of comedy — conceptual — has been a hallmark of my career from my days at The Harvard Lampoon or as an Emmy-winning staff writer at David Letterman. And for over four years, I’ve taken the late night stage at SoHo Playhouse to ply my version on New York crowds. I’ve yet to give much time to magic and its influence on my style. But, in light of a recent article on a subset of magic, it’s high time.
The New Yorker published a terrific, must read profile about one of the best kept secrets in magic: pickpocket Apollo Robbins (pictured below). My father, Ace Greenberg, is briefly mentioned in the article; Robbins once stole a watch off my old man. Not an easy thing to do. Don’t worry, Robbins gave the watch back. As with everything he purloins.
Apollo Robbins
Part biography, part pickpocket primer as well as a how to manual, Adam Green’s A Pickpocket’s Tale is a fascinating read, offering insight into the world of pickpocketing and why Robbins gives everything he swipes back. As another pickpocket, Whiz Mob, explains, ““God’s not going to let you cheat and have good luck, too.” Like a magician, I don’t want to give too much about the essay away, but I will say the nine-pager is well worth the read.
And, once you’ve worked your way through it, check out my interview with con artist and performer Simon Lovell.

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How To Celebrate Date Night

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Posted: October 18, 2012

I rarely have a Saturday night off. It’s been nearly 52 weeks since my last one. I love being on stage at SoHo Playhouse in my mostly one-man comedy show, Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer. So much in fact I’ve been there week in and week out for four years.
But, October 20th, this Saturday, I will not perform my one-of-a-kind, has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed comedy show. What’s the world’s loss is my girlfriend’s gain. We can finally take part in what most people do on a weekly basis: Saturday Date Night. I’m not taking the night off lying down. Nope, I’m taking my girlfriend on the town.
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
We’re going to dinner and the theater. A perfect evening. I highly recommend the combo, particularly if you love SoHo restaurants and a 10 pm comedy show starring me. In our case, we’re going a little more for the drama. Our play of choice is the Edward Albee classic, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. This current production stars playwright-actor Tracy Letts and Tony Award nominee Amy Morton in the roles of George and Martha, respectively. Now, a play about a dysfunctional marriage might not seem like the perfect play to see with a lady friend, but the reviews have been glowing. Entertainment Weekly gave it the top grade an A, and the New York Times called it a “shattering revival.” While the play’s tone may be a bit of downer, I expect it to be a downer of the best kind.
Before we hit the bright lights of Broadway, we’re going for some Korean food. Actually some surprising food. When you think of Korean food, you don’t think of vegetarian food, but Hangawi delivers in space. The restaurant is a meditative oasis with sunken tables, low light, hushed tones and the best spicy kimchi pancakes this side of Seoul. Everything I’ve eaten there is so good that I’m getting hungry writing this post thinking about the tofu stone bowl.
Saturday cannot come soon enough.

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