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Latest Comedy News | March 2015

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Posted: March 16, 2015

Every few weeks, I take a look at the comedy landscape, the latest news to hit. Comedy and people’s appetite for it isn’t created in a vacuum. Staying informed and understanding the way everything moves is important. And sometimes entertaining.
Sadly, Justin Bieber is the biggest name in comedy today thanks to the Comedy Central Roast of the young singer. If you want more details on that event, look no further than US Weekly.
This Ad Age article is a bit inside baseball, but it still hits a homerun. It looks at the syndication pipeline for comedy shows. Very interesting.
Here’s Forbes writer Jonathan Leaf covering the upcoming film Danny Collins.
Enjoy these interesting reads.


Finding the Funny in the World Cup

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Posted: June 23, 2014

Yesterday the US Men’s National Team was seconds away from a historic victory in the World Cup when Portugal tied the match with mere seconds remaining. What a blow to the American team and its legion of fans, looking forward to celebrate the team’s advancement to the next round. When the US takes on Germany on Thursday, there will be enormous pressure on the Red, White and Blue.
To blow off steam yesterday, I browsed the Web for comedy posts related to all things fubol. Here’s what I found.
(1) Here’s a Mentalfloss article detailing the wild demands made by teams involved in the World Cup. Which team asked for baskets of bananas to be delivered daily to its team members? You can find out here.
(2) Comedy Central made a video in support of the U.S. efforts in the World Cup. Check out Stephen Colbert, Key and Peele, Jon Stewart and more in celebrating the US.

(3) Or check out this hilarious spoof of England’s Wayne Rooney. His corner kick goes awry and ends up in a very interesting place. Watch it here.

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6th Place is Not Acceptable

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Posted: April 28, 2014

There’s surely going to be dissension about this list. One that ranks the 50 funniest cities in America from The Humor Research Lab at the Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado Boulder. It just released its findings at The Humor Code.
Chicago ranks first on the list. The Windy City is a great choice. No problem with it taking the top spot, but New York–where comedy is king–should not be outside the top 5. No way. And, we shouldn’t lose to Boston EVER about anything. You hear me Yankees and other comedians? We need to take this back. How Bean Town ended up being No. 2 I have no idea.
Even more perplexing is that The Big Apple places behind Atlanta; Washington, D.C. and Portland. Say what? New Yorkers pride ourselves on our wit. A sense of humor is required in a city where rents are sky high and you can pay $55 for mac and cheese. The only saving grace is that we didn’t finish behind Los Angeles, which comes in at No. 7.
Alright, time to get funnier NYC.

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Bard Up; Improv for Theater Fans

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Posted: January 9, 2014

Like your improv with a dose of the Bard? You are in lucky. Improvised Shakespeare returns to New York for a four-night engagement at Theater 80 in the East Village. The esteemed company has wowed audiences around the world–from Seattle to Italy–with its signature comedy. And, most Friday nights, you can catch them doing their schtick iO Theater in Chicago.
ISC Logo
In fact, the company has garnered numerous awards, including the New York Nightlife Award for Best Comedic Performance by a Group and the Chicago Improv Foundation’s Ensemble of the Year. The Chicago Reader and the Chicago Examiner named the company Chicago’s best improv group.
How it works: an audience member suggests a title, and the actors, on the spot, creates a play in Elizabethan style. Star-crossed lovers. Cross dressing. Mad rulers. Adultery. Murder. These are all tropes that the company borrows from when performing its new play on stage. It’s a fast and furious experience, and one, that if you know even the littlest about Shakespeare, is enjoyable.
The Improvised Shakespeare Company is at Theatre 80 January 9 – 12.

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All in a Comedy Day’s Work

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Posted: November 21, 2013

Today, Mascot Greenberg and I are holding a photo shoot for our holiday E-mail. We’re excited to create something celebratory and funny for our fans. I threw out a few ideas, and we settled on one that we cannot wait to show you. Expect to see it post-Thanksgiving, which is only a week away.
When I started performing Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer over five years ago, I wanted to create a dynamic comedy show that could stand the test of time. I’m proud that we’re still going strong and celebrating our 6th Smash Season. At the time, though, I didn’t imagine that so much of the job is what you do off stage too. The 60 minutes I’m on the Huron Club stage every Saturday are pure bliss. But as a yoga instructor once told me, “yoga is what you do between classes.” Preparation is key.
A performer must look after his voice and body. I gotta train. The Mascot too. Body that is. Not voice. I stay in touch with my fans through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and sometimes just E-mail. I plan photo shoots and E-mail blasts. I see other shows for inspiration. It’s all in a day’s work. Or a week’s work. And I’m proud of all of this. It’s joyful.
Now, when I see someone else’s show, I realize that what I see on stage is much greater than a performer speaking lines. It’s a full team creating a show, marketing the show, keeping it real with fans and so much, much more.
I cannot wait for you to see what Mascot and I have in store for you.

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Shout at the Screen on Halloween

Categories: Comedy Shows
Posted: October 31, 2013

You know I’m a fan of interactive comedy that gets the crowd involved in the action. What’s more New York than letting your feelings be known in a crowd of people?
For those of you looking for a comedy alternative on Halloween, I’ve got a recommendation for you. A way to avoid putting on a costume or dealing with candy obsessed kids (and let’s face it adults too). Head to Brooklyn for Shouting at the Screen.
In a grand tradition, you’ll have the opportunity to scream at a movie — a blaxploitation movie — to your heart’s desire. Wyatt Cenac (“The Daily Show”) and Donwill host this yuk-fest. And the event is only $10 and includes an after party with a DJ. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night.
For more information and tickets visit IndieScreen.

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Just Some of the Memories | Top 5 Moments

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Posted: October 14, 2013

My weekly comedy show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer will celebrate its 5th Anniversary on Saturday, October 19th. For 250 Saturdays, I’ve stepped on stage at the Huron Club and ended the night driving one lucky audience group home in a yellow taxi cab. In between, there’s been a little improv, some magic and many unforgettable moments.
As I wax nostalgic about the amazing last five years, I’m thankful for the people who have made this show possible — the audience. Here are five of my favorite moments from the show — at least the ones we caught on tape!
(5) Celebrating your birthday at my show promises to be a memorable experience.

(4) The night that Mascot decided to party it up post-show. Now that was fun!

(3) Winning the cab ride home is a big deal. One MVP tried to game the system and choose herself! Sneaky sneaky.

(2) I’m often asked if I actually drive to all five boroughs. Here’s proof that the cab ride goes outside of Manhattan.

(1) Just more proof that we have a blast at the show.

Tickets are on sale now. Get yours here.

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Put on Your To Do List

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Posted: July 29, 2013

Thirty years ago, raunchy male comedies were all the rage in movies. It’s a time when Porky’s ruled the nation, and the country fell in love with a bunch of Nerds. Amy Heckerling’s brilliant Fast Times at Ridgemont High was the lone exception because it showed both the teenage male’s and female’s perspective on budding relationships and the hell of high school.
The To Do List
This past weekend, The To Do List opened in theaters. The movie stars the adorable Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) as a straight-A high school senior who decides there’s more to life than making good grades. She attacks hooking up with guys as if it were a science project and she wants to win top prize. Finally a female high school teen comedy that’s not solely about the rivalry among girls (think Mean Girls or Heathers).
The film is at the top of my to do list, especially since many of the blockbusters have flamed out (The Lone Ranger, RIPD). I’m concentrating on small indie films and charming comedies, such as The To Do List, about which the New York Times raved “the sensibility that makes the movie work so well doesn’t seem so much feminine as intelligent.”
I know what’s on the top of my To Do List.

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Bicycle Built for Two | Double the Fun This Summer

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Posted: June 20, 2013

Start your summer off right with two-for-one tickets to my weekly comedy show, Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer, through Labor Day!
Mascot and I recently biked around the West Village on a bicycle built for two. What a fun way to experience the warm summer weather and keep in shape for the show, which is now in its 5th smash season at Soho Playhouse. Here’s a video of our really fun adventure.

In honor of summer and the fact that life is more fun when you have a partner in crime so to speak, I’m offering two-for-one tickets — only $20 for two people — to any performance between now and Labor Day. Join us Saturday nights at 10 pm. To take advantage of this offer, go to this web site and enter code summer13.
Ted and Mascot in Bicycle Built for 2
I look forward to seeing you at the show very soon.

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Tourig Around New York City

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Posted: May 27, 2013

As someone who drives a cab at the end o his comedy show – Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer – I’m fascinated by travel around the Big Apple. How we get around our fair city is often an entertaining journey. You’ll hear straphangers complain about the weekend changes the MTA makes to subway travel; in fact, this holiday weekend, the popular L line is not running from Manhattan to Brooklyn. There are shuttle buses and alternative routes for a densely populated area.
Citi Bike
This weekend New York City added another means of travel to the cabs, pedicabs, subway, livery cabs and walking. The Citi Bike program, modeled on programs across the world, provides very heavy bikes — approximately 45 pounds each — at various stations throughout Manhattan. You have multiple options to use the program. For $95 (plus tax), you can get an annual membership to Citi Bike, and therefore ride for an uninterrupted 45 minutes at any time in the city. You can also purchase a day pass ($9.95) or a week pass ($20), and ride for 30 minutes uninterrupted throughout the city. While it doesn’t allow for leisurely rides through Central Pake, the Citi Bike program can help you get from point A to point B. And burn some calories while doing it.
Some New York residents are up in arms over the program, simply because they think the bike stations are eye sores and could hinder rescue workers getting to businesses on the other side of the stations. All I can say is that something about the program is confusing. I witnessed more people trying to figure out how to get a bike and failing miserably without seeing one person riding one throughout the city this weekend. Clearly the learning curve is high on this new project.

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