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It’s World Cup Time!

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Posted: June 16, 2014

The biggest show on earth started a few days ago in Brazil. That’s right the FIFA World Cup is underway. Thirty-two teams are vying to be crowned world champion of soccer (or football or futbol in other countries). In fact, the United States plays Ghana later today in its first round match-up. While the US has made the championship over the last two decades, experts aren’t giving the Red, White and Blue much of a chance to advance.
New York–with over 800 languages spoken and hundreds of nationalities–is celebrating World Cup fever. And, there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can watch the action. Eater breaks down a top 11 restaurants. Even the Hummus Place in my Greenwich Village neighborhood installed a TV so diners may catch every moment of action. The Huffington Post lays out the best places to watch matches depending on which country you are cheering for. And, Time Out New York weighed in on the best bars to get a peek of the action.
Wherever you watch, enjoy!

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The Game Goes On

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Posted: January 30, 2014

New York City and much of the rest of the country has been in a deep freeze. And it’s just hitting me now that the hometown Super Bowl is just a few days away. As Seahawks fans and Broncos supporters pour into the stadium and enjoy the halftime show by pint-size Bruno Mars, my thoughts will be on my beloved Giants and the team’s miserable season. I know Gang Green fans will equally be misty eyed. Where did it all go wrong? Why is the wrong Manning brother competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy?
I’d love nothing more than being at the Super Bowl cheering on my home team, rooting them to victory. I’m grateful that Eli has taken us to the promised land twice in his career. No one saw that coming in his early days (and granted Jets fans have a lot more to be upset about). But, Super Bowls in cold climes happen infrequently, and I had high hopes that the Giants would pull it together until they lost six games in a row.
So, I’ll watch the game from the comfort of my toasty apartment (glad it’s warm, but wish it didn’t feel like a sauna in my building), rock out to Bruno Mars and root for a competitive game. I don’t care whether Seattle or Denver takes the trophy because my cold, cold heart remains with the G Men.

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Saluting Our Neighbor–City Winery

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Posted: January 23, 2014

Our neighbor —City Winery— is changing up its programming a bit. We’ve enjoyed seeing concerts there for years or dining in The Barrel Room or attending a wine tasting like the wines of Argentina. And we’re excited that the company has expanded to Chicago and will have new outposts in Nashville and Napa this year. City Winery is cool.
I received its latest newsletter and noticed something. City Winery will host comedian Paula Poundstone on March 21st–a Friday night comedy show. And in February, the place will set the stage for the House of SpeakEasy presentation of ‘This Is Not A Man’, which is billed as “a literary cabaret featuring Steve Coogan, Jeff McDaniel, Tom Reiss, Anton Sword, and Dana Vachon.” These lively events break the boundaries of music, and seem like a perfect fit for City Winery’s intimate performance space.
I look forward to seeing you around the corner from Soho Playhouse, where I perform every Saturday at 10pm. Let’s raise a glass and have some fun at City Winery.

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Bard Up; Improv for Theater Fans

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Posted: January 9, 2014

Like your improv with a dose of the Bard? You are in lucky. Improvised Shakespeare returns to New York for a four-night engagement at Theater 80 in the East Village. The esteemed company has wowed audiences around the world–from Seattle to Italy–with its signature comedy. And, most Friday nights, you can catch them doing their schtick iO Theater in Chicago.
ISC Logo
In fact, the company has garnered numerous awards, including the New York Nightlife Award for Best Comedic Performance by a Group and the Chicago Improv Foundation’s Ensemble of the Year. The Chicago Reader and the Chicago Examiner named the company Chicago’s best improv group.
How it works: an audience member suggests a title, and the actors, on the spot, creates a play in Elizabethan style. Star-crossed lovers. Cross dressing. Mad rulers. Adultery. Murder. These are all tropes that the company borrows from when performing its new play on stage. It’s a fast and furious experience, and one, that if you know even the littlest about Shakespeare, is enjoyable.
The Improvised Shakespeare Company is at Theatre 80 January 9 – 12.

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Christmas Plans in New York

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Posted: December 23, 2013

The traditional New York Christmas includes Chinese dinner and a movie. It’s been the staple of Big Apple holiday life for decades–for people who don’t really celebrate Christmas to people who will do anything NOT to spend the holiday with their families. Mascot Greenberg and I are going to start our own tradition. Sort of like a staycation. We’re going to hole up in my apartment, order in Chinese food and watch all the Hulu+, Netflix and Amazon Prime we can. Hey, I’ve got the subscriptions and the day off, I might as well put them to use.
What’s great about this year’s plans is that we can beat hanging out with the crowds, stay in our Santa hats and pajamas all day, and catch up on all the TV series we’ve fallen behind on. Or finally watch Orange Is the New Black.
Whatever you and your family are doing this holiday season, I wish you the best. May it be filled with cheer. And here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!

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Tourig Around New York City

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Posted: May 27, 2013

As someone who drives a cab at the end o his comedy show – Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer – I’m fascinated by travel around the Big Apple. How we get around our fair city is often an entertaining journey. You’ll hear straphangers complain about the weekend changes the MTA makes to subway travel; in fact, this holiday weekend, the popular L line is not running from Manhattan to Brooklyn. There are shuttle buses and alternative routes for a densely populated area.
Citi Bike
This weekend New York City added another means of travel to the cabs, pedicabs, subway, livery cabs and walking. The Citi Bike program, modeled on programs across the world, provides very heavy bikes — approximately 45 pounds each — at various stations throughout Manhattan. You have multiple options to use the program. For $95 (plus tax), you can get an annual membership to Citi Bike, and therefore ride for an uninterrupted 45 minutes at any time in the city. You can also purchase a day pass ($9.95) or a week pass ($20), and ride for 30 minutes uninterrupted throughout the city. While it doesn’t allow for leisurely rides through Central Pake, the Citi Bike program can help you get from point A to point B. And burn some calories while doing it.
Some New York residents are up in arms over the program, simply because they think the bike stations are eye sores and could hinder rescue workers getting to businesses on the other side of the stations. All I can say is that something about the program is confusing. I witnessed more people trying to figure out how to get a bike and failing miserably without seeing one person riding one throughout the city this weekend. Clearly the learning curve is high on this new project.

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The Top Five Guests for The Tonight Show’s Return to New York

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Posted: March 21, 2013

Yesterday, news leaked that The Tonight Show may move back to New York after four decades in Los Angeles. The New York Times, among other outlets, reported that Jimmy Fallon is expected to take over hosting duties by fall 2014, and one of the most storied shows in television history will return to 30 Rockefeller Center.
If Fallon shifts to The Tonight Show, his gig at Late Night will be up for grabs. Gothamist has already weighed in about the top 20 possible Fallon replacements. My favorite is Pat Kiernan, the NY1 host. He already has game show host and news anchor experience behind him, and his eternal geniality would make a great replacement for Fallon’s brand of nice-guy comedy. My second choice from Gothamist’s list is, of course, Jeffrey Tambor. But, that’s because I would watch him do just about anything.
jimmy fallon
The real scintillating question is who will be Fallon’s first guest(s) on the New York-based The Tonight Show? I offer my top five choices:
(5) Mayor of New York — At this point, it’s hard to know who will lead the Big Apple in fall 2014, but with the return of the show to NYC, the current mayor would be a great guest. With the recent passing of the always colorful Ed Koch and with Bloomberg out of office by the beginning of the year, that leaves whichever contender rises to the top.
(4) Jay-Z — Does anyone else in the Big Apple have the cool factor to match Jay-Z? The musician and businessman has made The Barclays Center and Brooklyn the place to be. He’s rocked audiences nationwide and is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. And, he’s a New Yorker, through and through.
(3) Drew Barrymore — Sure the new mama is known for her appearances on David Letterman’s show (who can forget her dancing on his desk?), but she’s got strong ties to Fallon, her co-star in the romantic comedy, Fever Pitch. He’s also married to her co-producer friend, Nancy Juvonen. I’m sure Barrymore and Fallon would have lots to talk about.
(2) Conan O’Brien — Talk about a ratings bonanza. Conan returns to The Tonight Show after the debacle surrounding his unceremonious dumping as host just a few years prior. Sure, Coco has recovered nicely — thanks to a documentary, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, and his TBS late night talk show, simply titled Conan.
(1) Lorne Michaels — He’s the kingmaker, the producer who has launched and shaped careers by the dozens. Since Fallon got his start on Michaels’ Saturday Night Live, it would be a fitting tribute to interview Michaels for the first episode.

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Time to Get Cross

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Posted: March 14, 2013

I’ve written about my friend David Yazbek and his monthly gig at the downtown 92Y. Now it’s time to write about a show at the uptown version. Comedian/Actor/Writer David Cross will be in conversation with his Arrested Development co-star Michael Cera on Wednesday, March 20th.
David Cross
Cross (above) got his start as a writer on the quickly defunct, but beloved The Ben Stiller Show that won an Emmy after it was canceled. He is probably best known as Portia de Rossi’s bumbling husband Tobias on the groundbreaking comedy Arrested Development, which has a second life. New episodes of the series are set for Netflix this summer in advance of a movie. The wild, woolly show, though low-rated in its original run, was a hit with critics and had a certain devoted audience. Rightly so. The show was outrageous and brilliant. And I cannot wait to see it back. On whatever platform it airs.
Cross also appeared in some of the best movies of the past 15 years: Ghost World (with a now barely recognizable Scarlett Johansson), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and comedy classic Waiting for Guffman. Since Cera is moderating the affair, I expect Arrested Development to be a hot topic, and who doesn’t want to learn more about what’s going to happen to Tobias and the Bluth clan?
Just another reason to love the Big Apple, and the creativity the city champions.

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Stop and Smell The What(?) This Valentine’s Day

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Posted: February 14, 2013

Why is this not a bigger story? I know Banana Joe and Swagger have taken over New York’s attention. But those dogs cannot hold a romantic candle to this very odd way to celebrate the holiday of love.
Nothing says love like a Valentine’s Day tour of a sewage plant. I’m not making this up. New Yorkers are the strangest, weirdest people on the planet. And I love them for it. Last year, the Department of Environmental Protection offered a tour of a sewage treatment plant in Brooklyn, and the demand was so high that it’s back this year. And with an additional tour!
New Yorkers are always looking for that one-of-a-kind experience that sets them apart from the other 9 million people in the city. But, how exactly do you convince your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner to tour a sewage treatment plant at 9:30 am? What sort of things must you bargain or compromise to make this happen?
Most of us complain in the summer of the stifling heat and horrible smells that emanate from our glorious city. So, it’s amusing that people would actually subject themselves to the same odors in the name of love or romance. Where’s the chocolate? the flowers? the jewelry? or a wedding atop the Empire State Building? The sewage plant somewhat resembles a Hershey’s Kiss; perhaps that is part of the appeal?
Brooklyn Sewer Plant
NJ.com says it best: Love the one you whiff. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party | New York Edition

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Posted: January 17, 2013

Planning a perfect Bachelorette Party can be tough. And in New York City, even tougher. Do you make your night naughty or nice? Do you stay in and watch the “7 Man Candy Movies” or go to Hunkmania for a little bit of debauchery? Or blow your monthly entertainment budget on a very expensive club?
Forget all of those and make with Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer a part of your Bachelorette Party. I promise my long-running comedy show will be as entertaining at Channing Tatum in Magic Mike and a whole heck of a lot funnier. And smarter than Hunkmania. No offense fellas. This past weekend, a lovely group of young women (pictured below) were enchanted by the wild ride that is my late night comedy show. And they aren’t the only ones. Over the past four and a half years, we’ve hosted Bachelorette Parties, more than 70 birthdays and groups of all kinds. Going to a comedy show is a perfect way to spend time with friends, acquaintances and brides-to-be.
Bachelorette Party
And downtown Manhattan is a great place to be on a Saturday night. You can eat at the nearby Barrel Room at City Winery or at the David Burke Kitchen at the James Hotel, then see my show, and after laughing your butt off, dance the night away at local hotspot Greenhouse or like the ladies on Saturday night, head to the Fat Black Pussy Cat for drinks and merriment. It’s guaranteed to be a great night.

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