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Posted: June 25, 2012

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For months, I’d heard that everyone, including President Barack Obama, was joining Pinterest. I also saw the photos from people’s Pinterest accounts pop up on Facebook. I enjoy connecting with Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer‘s audience members and fans on Facebook and Twitter. Why not join Pinterest and share photos from performances, behind-the-scenes fun and other random occurrences?
Earlier this month, I joined Pinterest. Right now, my Pinterest boards highlight taxi cab ride winners, those lucky audience members who win a free cab ride home from my show with me at the wheel; the Mascot’s shenanigans (did you know he can play chess?) and audience photos. I will create new boards over the summer.
I would love suggestions. What should I include? Pins of my favorite comedians, places in New York, photos of me (gotta work on those)? I would love your suggestions. If you follow me on Pinterest, I will follow you. Looking forward to seeing you there.
George Takei
And if you have a moment, check out George Takei’s Pinterest boards. The man also known as Sulu on Star Trek has been wildly popular for his funny photo posts on Facebook. Now you can see them in all their glory on Pinterest. Not to be missed, if you like to laugh.

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President Barack Obama’s Top 10 Pinterest Boards

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Posted: March 29, 2012

President Barack Obama has always been ahead of the social media curve. His campaign mobilized supporters through Facebook in 2008. Now, he’s on Pinterest.
Here are the top 10 pinboards I predict President Obama will create in the coming weeks.
10. World Leaders I Like. The list is short.
David Cameron


9. Favorite basketball players. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Patrick Ewing, Cheryl Miller and Lisa Leslie.


8. Birth certificates. Preferably long form. Special interest in Republican candidates and any one wanting to dating my daughters.



7. Favorite Films/TV shows about the Presidency. 24 (Dennis Haysbert was amazing), Air Force One, Independence Day.
Movies about Presidents

6. Punahou alums. The best and the brightest — Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing with the Stars), Brandon Brooks (water polo silver medalist & current women’s national water polo coach) and Kevin McCollum (a favorite Broadway producer) — went to Punahou.
5. I like guns…on a woman. Have you seen how hot my wife’s arms are? (See also #9)
Michelle Obama's arms

4. Portuguese Water Dogs. Bo still ranks #1, but the breed is super cute.
3. Favorite guys also named Barry. White, Zito and some I don’t. That’s you Ron-Paul-lovin’ Manilow.
2. Top Supreme Court Justice of the Day. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy I’m looking at you. Help me out on Obamacare.
1. The Hunger Games. Finally good news for the economy.

The Hunger Games starring Jennifer Lawrence

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