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Tilda Swinton Slept Here

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Posted: March 25, 2013

The hottest news in New York is that the Big Apple has its own Sleeping Beauty. This is no Disney princess, but rather ethereal Scottish actress Tilda Swinton sleeping in a glass box — and not in pajamas btw — at one of the most revered art museums in the world, The Museum of Modern Art. The Oscar-winning Swinton’s turn at performance art, entitled The Maybe, is drawing notoriety from nearly every news outlet ranging from Gothamist.com to People Magazine.
Tilda Swinton
Photo Credit: Ming Chen Liao
Performance art is a popular form of artistic expression in big cities — where living and doing can be seen as having entertainment value and/or the opportunity to wow audiences. In some cases, like illusionist David Blaine, performance artists can dream up fantastical feats to overcome — being buried alive, or frozen in a block of ice or surrounded by Tesla coils. In others, it’s a different kind of endurance, think Marina Abramović and her The Artist Is Present where she spent over 700 hours staring intently at one person at a time in 2010. Also, at MoMA. Or take the late comedian Andy Kaufman, who took on pro wrestler Jerry the King Lawler in the ring and was the king of other grand stunts.
With all this excitement over Swinton at MoMA, I thought about the top five things I — as a New York based comedian — could do as a performance art piece.

(5) Drive a cab — I already do this AFTER my late night Saturday show, Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer. Is there anything more New York than a yellow cab?
Ted Greenberg, cab
(4) Eat a slice of pizza. Or a lot of slices of pizza. The Village is known for its pies — pizza pies. Chowing on a slice of tomato sauce and mozzarella is the Big Apple to the core.
(3) Read the New York Post or New York Daily News. The New York Times owns the cultural currency of this town, but the Post and Daily News are great for gossip and sports, respectively. And every New Yorker I know loves gossip and sports. The life blood of this city.
(2) Sitting courtside with Spike and Woody at Madison Square Garden. Gotta love the Knicks, and how much fun would it be to watch Melo and the guys play from the front row. This seems like the easiest performance art gig in the world.
Spike Lee
(1) Have my own Mascot! I already do. Check out how handsome he is.
What would you do for performance art in this city?

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