All in a Comedy Day’s Work

November 21, 2013 - Latest News

Ted Greenberg's The Complete Performer |NYC comedy show

Today, Mascot Greenberg and I are holding a photo shoot for our holiday E-mail. We’re excited to create something celebratory and funny for our fans. I threw out a few ideas, and we settled on one that we cannot wait to show you. Expect to see it post-Thanksgiving, which is only a week away.

When I started performing Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer over five years ago, I wanted to create a dynamic comedy show that could stand the test of time. I’m proud that we’re still going strong and celebrating our 6th Smash Season. At the time, though, I didn’t imagine that so much of the job is what you do off stage too. The 60 minutes I’m on the Huron Club stage every Saturday are pure bliss. But as a yoga instructor once told me, “yoga is what you do between classes.” Preparation is key.

A performer must look after his voice and body. I gotta train. The Mascot too. Body that is. Not voice. I stay in touch with my fans through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and sometimes just E-mail. I plan photo shoots and E-mail blasts. I see other shows for inspiration. It’s all in a day’s work. Or a week’s work. And I’m proud of all of this. It’s joyful.

Now, when I see someone else’s show, I realize that what I see on stage is much greater than a performer speaking lines. It’s a full team creating a show, marketing the show, keeping it real with fans and so much, much more.

I cannot wait for you to see what Mascot and I have in store for you.

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Ted Greenberg's The Complete Performer |NYC comedy show

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