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Baseball Opening Day Swings Open for the Mets and Yankees

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Posted: April 9, 2012

Hope springs eternal for baseball fans. America’s pastime is back in action. The Mets started their season at home a few days ago while the Yankees’ home opener is Friday, April 13th, an auspicious start date indeed.
In keeping with the Mayan tradition, here are my 2012 predictions for the Amazins and the House that Ruth Built:
Baseball Opening Day
5) This will be the only time all season that the Mets are 3 games over .500 and the Yankees are 3 games below. Somehow David Wright and company swept longtime nemesis Atlanta Braves while the Tampa Bay Rays took it to the Yankees. The Mets, though, are predictable. Predictably good at falling apart. Mark my words: this win streak won’t last long.
4) Alex Rodriguez recently started using Facebook to connect with his fans. So far, the information he’s shared has been innocuous. Give him a few weeks, and he will share tips about how to win high stakes poker games. $275 million makes you fearless.
3) Expect A-Rod to join Twitter soon as well. You can bet he’ll tweet advice about how to pick up hard bodied blondes. I’m ready to take notes #13. Step up to the social media plate.
2) Is it any coincidence that the Mets’ and Yankees’ opening days fell on either side of two religious holidays — Easter and Passover? I don’t think so. New York is all of a sudden home to two of the most pious left-handed athletes. Yes, I’m talking about you Andrew Eugene Pettite and New York Jets quarterback Timothy Richard Tebow.
1) Mr. Met will try to up his game by taking Zumba classes. Hey, it works for Mascot Greenberg, and we all know that Mr. Met needs to step up his game.