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Interview: David Yazbek

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Posted: November 23, 2012

I continue my interviews with one of my dearest friends, David Yazbek. As I mentioned, he’s starting a monthly residency at the 92YTribeca. Hurricane Sandy pushed back his inaugural show to December 3rd. Here, I ask him questions about poker and his dad’s favorite song of his.
David Yazbek
TED GREENBERG: What are your five favorite poker scenes in film or TV?
1. John Hamburg’s bromance I Love You, Man has a poker scene where Paul Rudd breaks all the rules of rational poker-play and annoys everyone by winning and then projectile-vomits into Jon Favreau’s face.
2. The British film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has a great poker scene near the beginning of the film. It takes place in a boxing ring and ends with our protagonist losing maybe 200k that he doesn’t have. The moment he loses something like 4 of a kind to a straight flush (the other guy cheats) is exquisitely nauseating.
3. Rounders final poker scene. Even with its stupid Oreo-cookie-tell conceit, it’s fun and plausible to see [John] Malkovich’s character admit defeat to better play. I also like when Matt Damon correctly reads everyone’s hand at the law professor’s poker game.
4. Cincinnati Kid final poker scene. Pretty stupid but Steve McQueen’s face is priceless throughout.
5. California Split is an obscure film about two gamblers played by Elliot Gould and George Segal. For years you couldn’t get it and now you can. There’s great, sad stuff in it.
TED GREENBERG: Of all your songs, what’s your dad’s favorite?

My Dad recently told me The Full Monty is his favorite musical but I think his favorite song of mine is “See How the Moon Behaves” which is what he consistently incorrectly calls “Nothing Is Too Wonderful to be True” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
And, don’t forget to check out David Yazbek & His Warmest Regards at 92YTribeca (200 Hudson Street, NYC) on Monday, December 3rd. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. For advance tickets, visit the 92YTribeca web site.

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New York Comedy Festival

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Posted: November 8, 2012

The best city in the world has taken a beating recently. Hurricane Sandy followed by a Noreaster. We really need a good laugh. As luck would have it, the New York Comedy Festival is presenting some of comedy’s top headliners — male headliners anyway — through November 11th. The festival’s got Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Maher, Marlon and Shawn Wayans, and Artie Lange. You can catch these big names at the Apollo Theater, the Beacon and Town Hall or check out other shows at UCB East, The Creek and The Cave and The Stand, among others.
Anyone who has read my blog knows I’m a huge fan of Patton Oswalt. And, I’m excited to check out his show on Friday, November 9th at Town Hall. I think he’s one of the funniest comics today as well as a genuinely great actor. I never tire of watching his work. Check out one of his famous routines below.

And if you get a chance, see him at the New York Comedy Festival this Friday.

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Top Five Things to Do in New York This Weekend

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Posted: April 12, 2012

The Big Apple is the best city on earth. Cultural, sports and innovative opportunities abound. You can take in a show on Broadway, catch a top level sports game or visit one of the city’s amazing museums. The only difficult part is what to choose. There are so many choices that New Yorkers sometimes have option paralysis.
As a late night Saturday night performer in my Off-Broadway comedy show Ted Greenberg’s The Complete Performer, I’ve got my pulse on what to see. Here are my top five recommendations for this weekend.
Check out:
5) Daily Show Live at 92Y Tribeca — Emmy-winning writer and executive producer Rory Albanese brings together a number of writers from the hit show for a night of comedy. Now, it’s tonight, Thursday, April 12th. Let’s face it. New Yorkers are always ahead of the curve and ready to start the weekend a day early.
4) Star Quality: The World of Noel Coward at the New York Public Library. One of the titans of theater, Coward wrote incisive comedies that are still relevant today. Earlier this season Kim Cattrall starred in a new production of his play Private Lives. Learn more about this witty master.
3) Yankees Home Opening Weekend — The Bronx Bombers are finally home and opening the season versus the Los Angeles Angels. You have three chances to catch Derek Jeter and co in action over the weekend. If you cannot go, read my predictions for the season.
2) The Graduate at Film Forum. The iconic Mike Nichols’ film turns 45 this year, and Film Forum will showcase a new 35mm print through April 19th. With its iconic line, “You’re trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson….aren’t you?,” the film has been hailed a “generational milestone” by Time Out. Now, here’s a chance to see why.
The Graduate film
1) Blast Radius by Mac Rogers. This is the top reason to trek to Long Island City this weekend. A New York Times Critic’s Pick, Rogers play uses science fiction to mine the humor and heart of humanity. The play is a must see.
Blast Radius, play by Mac Rogers