Eric André Interview

June 8, 2012 - Latest News

Eric André, one of my favorite comedians, is on fire. He’s been featured on seven episodes of the ABC comedy “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.” And today, “The Eric Andre Show” is part of a terrific feature article by Jason Zinoman of the New York Times. Rightfully so. The show, part of Comedy Central’s “Adult Swim”, is outrageous, entertaining and envy inducing.

I’m proud that Eric is the first, in hopefully a long line, of comedian interviews I do. Here, Eric muses on De Niro movies, ex-girlfriends and his hair.
Ted Greenberg: What’s your favorite Robert De Niro movie?
Eric André: Raging Bull, by far. The best. OH! And King of Comedy.
Ted Greenberg: Are you a fan of the Fred Willard, Martin Mull late 70s show “Fernwood Tonight”?
Eric André: I got turned on to Fernwood tonight by Tim from Tim and Eric. That shit is awesome. I love the aesthetic.
Ted Greenberg: Are you still in touch with the girl in Florida whose boyfriend threatened you by text?
Eric André: I never talked to her after that. I’m dead to her.

Ted Greenberg: What’s your mom’s favorite joke/routine of yours?
Eric André: My mom will laugh at something, and then five minutes later tell me that she didn’t think it was funny. She’s unpredictable. One time she told me she wanted grandkids, and I told her “I’ll stop wearing condoms, if that’s what you want.” She laughed at that.

Ted Greenberg:
Is the West or East Coast easier on your hair?
Eric André: West coast. Nice and dry. East coast is humid, and I end up looking like one of the dude’s from Welcome Back, Kotter.

Ted Greenberg:
Anything else to share?
Eric André: I have no penis.

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Eric André Interview

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